Our Company

The RISEcx management team brings decades of experience to this young company. We are comprised of innovative, creative entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Our innovative technology continues to evolve and we work tirelessly to help our customers succeed.

RISEcx (formerly SpinRiot) started by successfully onboarding some of the first companies looking to move to tablet and mobile devices as a sales enablement solution.

Our background has given us a unique perspective on how to help non-technical people use our technology to move existing (flat, un-used, abandoned, typical) media and presentations into amazing content experiences (interactive, engaging, on-brand, highly consumable).

We are focused on helping our customers deliver better content, communication and collaboration to their audience.

We graduated with the first 9Mile Labs cohort and the Goldman Sachs 10ksb program.

Our mentor team of advisors, includes (present and former) senior leaders at Microsoft, Adobe, Salesforce and several other marketing and sales leaders who are employed within the industries we support.

We have gained the interest of analysts, who see what we are doing as the best representation of buyer engagement and enablement.

We see a world where technology enables people to do things the way they would naturally but with more speed and efficiency. We want that experience to be enjoyable and we also want it to add real value in life-enhancing situations. What we have developed for businesses to use in sales enablement is also hugely valuable in the world of education where the same philosophy applies.

We are committed to fixing education through supporting programs that make a difference. Currently, we are partnering with schools and foundations as an education technology partner. Our education philanthropy efforts are managed by Power2Work.org, (P2W) a 501c3 non-profit.

Through our technology, teachers easily administer and deliver personalized learning to their class. Students participate in a collaborative multi-school project environment simulating international trade and the global supply chain processes.