Self-Driving Cars, A Marketer’s Dream

Telsa, the company to offer highway auto-steering capabilities to their customers believes self-driving cars are basically a ‘solved problem’. Based on their upcoming 2017 Tesla Model 3, it appears they have proved their point in a very big way.

One week following their 2017 Tesla Model 3 press release, they received 325,000 qualified pre-orders. At $35,000 per car, Tesla says their first week’s preorders corresponds to $14 billion in implied future sales.

PricewaterhouseCoopers projects spending in the autonomous-car industry will balloon to $43.2 billion globally by 2021. Based on Tesla’s first week’s pre-orders this number is probably low. Either way, the self-driving car will change the way drivers utilize their commute time.

Cars are not only becoming more automated, they are also becoming more intelligent. A great example of this is the Jaguar Land Rover’s self learning car.

As someone involved with sales and marketing innovation, I can envision how this new emerging mobile channel opportunity will become enlightened marketers, advertisers and sales organizations’ Fantasy Island.


How will drivers utilize their time when they no longer have to focus on speed, safety, traffic signs etc.? The answer is simple; a whole lot of other things like shopping, ordering food, watching movies, social media consumption and who knows, maybe even working. We will see new and existing communication tools adapt to the “auto-fi” screen experience. By the way, “auto-fi” is a term I just made up.

Not only will the tools and processes advertisers use for targeting and advertising change, but we can expect the formats and the medium of communication evolving to accommodate this experience as well.

The future of virtual reality is mind boggling, especially when you think how it could be merged within the context of a car trip.


Given the vast number and location of charging stations, there will many new partnerships made between brands and automobile manufactures. Will Starbucks be teaming up with Telsa to serve the unmet needs of drivers? Will McDonalds be partnered with Ford? Time will tell, but one thing is for sure, drivers will find a bunch of new companies anxious to step in and meet their needs.


Today, consumers expect a seamless shopping experience; especially when shopping online. Amazon has found a new and improved way to reach the habitual shopper who clicks and then waits for the package to hit their doorstep in record time.

Imagine when shopping happens from the screen of the self-driving car. Brands may have the ability to literally control a car in exchange for providing their consumers with unique access to special personalized sales events. Consumers will also be exposed to geo-based sales experiences unlike anything we have seen to date.

Could sales distribution happen from a mobile convoy similar to how the military already re-fuels their jets? Will Amazon drop drones to meet consumers along their journey to prevent unnecessary travel? We’ll have to wait to see, but my guess is a big yes.


Our vision for content creation and distribution is simple: “Produce once and publish everywhere”. The “auto-fi” powered mobile screen and mobile channel presents a tremendous opportunity to reach the customer on lot of different levels. RISEcx powered apps can be tailored to meet the ‘auto’ driver’s specific needs.

We are coming at this from the perspective of partnering with the automobile industry to become the onboard app that does everything from powering interactive geo-based learning to auto-building interactive experiences from the road using new onboard cameras and more.

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