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Create interactive content and deliver it to all touch points with real time tracking.

With RISEcx, rapidly re-purpose your interactive content into an experience that adapts to your buyer’s preference. Easily publish to a buyer’s personal Space and distribute via all touch points (mobile, social, web, email). Our real-time engagement tools track all interactions and advise you to act to continuously improve the experience.

Sales and Marketing has Changed

Provide buyers with the right content and deeper engagement and move them to action.

  • Listen

    Buyers expect a highly relevant and personalized service. RISEcx enables a sales rep to create and deliver polls and surveys with ease and speed, the results of which can be insights to share with buyers and can facilitate your ability to deliver relevant content. Listening and assisting will help win your buyer’s trust and respect.

  • Educate

    Buyers are self-educated and they know their options. They are looking for answers to validate their thinking and help them move to action.

    RISEcx enables delivery of compelling content through the buyer’s channels of choice to support their self-education and decision-making.

  • Engage

    Buyers are resisting and rejecting sales pitches. Move beyond sales to buyer engagement. RISEcx delivers content to all touch-points with real-time tracking. It also delivers personalized interactive Spaces, enabling valuable conversations about highly relevant content. RISEcx provides your buyers a better way to engage with you, get educated, and take action.

  • Empower

    Companies control their offers but buyers control their choices to engage. RISEcx delivers a modern experience that empowers the buyer with highly engaging informational content and empowers the sales rep to engage the customer in legitimate, high value conversation to add value to the decision-making process.

Introducing CareSpace

the Healthbot to Transform Consumer Care.

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“RISEcx makes it easier for marketers to help sales reps sell and customers buy.”Kent Lewis, Anvil Media

RISEcx creates customer value through better engagement.

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