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Our Solution

Sales and marketing has changed.

Buyers expect a highly relevant and personalized service. RISEcx enables a sales rep to create and deliver polls and surveys with ease and speed, the results of which can be insights to share with buyers and can facilitate your ability to deliver relevant content. Listening and assisting will help win your buyer’s trust and respect.


Sales and marketing has changed.

Buyers are self-educated and they KNOW their options. They are looking for answers to validate their thinking and help them move to action.

RISEcx enables delivery of compelling content through the buyer’s channels of choice to support their self-education and decision-making.


Sales and marketing has changed.

Buyers are resisting and rejecting sales pitches. Move beyond sales to buyer engagement. RISEcx delivers content to all touch-points with real-time tracking. It also delivers personalized interactive Spaces, enabling valuable conversations about highly relevant content. RISEcx provides your buyers a better way to engage with you, get educated, and take action.


Sales and marketing has changed.

Companies control their offers but buyers control their choices to engage. RISEcx delivers a modern experience that empowers the buyer with highly engaging informational content and empowers the sales rep to engage the customer in legitimate, high value conversation to add value to the decision-making process.

How it Works

Leverage RISEcx
your buyers to help them make informed decisions.


RISEcx helps marketers change the game

All the features a marketer needs to make it easier for customers to buy and reps to sell.

A scalable way to deliver adaptive content strategies to support unique customer experiences.
Cloud based collaboration platform, easy to deploy, easy to learn, easy to use.

Your brand powered by data driven marketing so you can see what’s working.

A more immersive campaign with interactive email marketing and custom landing pages built on the fly.

RM integration to personalize content for one-to-one strategic marketing campaigns.

Seamless interactive presentation created from your existing assets (video, .pdf, PowerPoint, images, Youtube).

Rapidly launch hyper-focused marketing campaigns to all your touch points.

Expected Outcomes

  • Lower cost for interactive content creation.
  • Better ROI for investment in content with better usage and efficiency.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and deeper engagement.
  • More insights into content performance to help guide future marketing spend.
  • Faster deployment and real-time adjustments of campaigns that are tailored to unique audiences.
RISEcx helps sales representatives RISE above competition and win customers.

All the features to help sales deliver value and guide prospects from interest to adoption.

Build your personal thought leadership through profile pages, collaboration tools and live chat.
Deliver unique content spaces for your buyer based on their preferences.

Support buyer engagement through assessments, surveys and polls.

Receive real time intelligence and automatic alerts so you can better nuture your opportunities.
Sell smarter with predictive intelligence that helps you improve your success rate.
Improve your performance with empowered sales enablement through CRM integration.

Community based tools to connect the right resources with your prospect.

Expected Outcomes

  • Deeper buyer engagement at their touch point of choice.
  • More feedback and insights from customers.
  • Better call outcomes with shorter sales cycles.
  • Higher customer satisfaction and referrals.
RISEcx delivers a valuable buyer experience

All the features you need to make your buyers feel valued.

Amazing interactive content experience consistent across all touch points (social, mobile, web).

Personalized content based on profile information and engagement patterns.

Notifications allowing buyers to be alerted to new content they are interested in.

Direct collaboration tools with sales and marketing, giving buyers an easy way to connect.

Rapid delivery of what matters to customers, so they make informed decisions and move to action.

Opt-in to community collaboration and information insights.

Real-time alerts and analytics can trigger custom events.

Guided tools for an on-demand experience.

“RISEcx makes it easier for marketers to help sales reps sell and customers buy.”Kent Lewis, Anvil Media

Get Started

Create interactive content and deliver it to all touch points with real time tracking.

With RISEcx, rapidly re-purpose your interactive content into an experience that adapts to your buyer’s preference. Easily publish to a buyer’s personal Space and distribute via all touch points (mobile, social, web, email). Our real-time engagement tools track all interactions and advise you to act to continuously improve the experience.


Be informed.
Find the answers to your questions.

RISEcx is easy and drives powerful results.

RISEcx is cloud based software (SaaS) which makes deploying the platform a snap. You can be up and running in minutes. For more complex enterprise needs our experienced team can help assess exactly what you will need to be successful.
RISEcx is intuitive and everything you need is just a click away. We have created a resource library full of tutorials from everything on how to get started.

RISEcx is designed to be very easy to use. Create content using your existing assets (images, video, pdf, powerpoint, youtube) and our interactive templates to build non-linear presentations.

Once you’re done, deploy your content directly to your buyer via a private or public landing page. You can also embed or link content easily into your company’s intranet, blog, website and social media channels.

RISEcx is used by sales and marketing departments who are looking to give their buyers a voice and move them to action. The platform can help marketing build better, more interactive content and it helps sales stay more informed by creating a two way conversation around what really matters to their buyers.
RISEcx is designed to be integrated into most third party systems of record, including CRM, marketing automation, content management and more. The integration currently requires a one time setup. In the near future, there will be self-service plugins available.
RISEcx drives powerful results. RISEcx helps you to engage and collaborate with your buyers at the moment they are showing interest. More engaged buyers are more likely to convert, and the detailed and predictive intelligence tools help you learn and optimize around exactly what works.

Our Company

The RISEcx management team brings decades of experience to this young company. We are comprised of innovative, creative entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Our innovative technology continues to evolve and we work tirelessly to help our customers succeed.

RISEcx (formerly SpinRiot) started by successfully onboarding some of the first companies looking to move to tablet and mobile devices as a sales enablement solution.

Our background has given us a unique perspective on how to help non-technical people use our technology to move existing (flat, un-used, abandoned, typical) media and presentations into amazing content experiences (interactive, engaging, on-brand, highly consumable).

We are focused on helping our customers deliver better content, communication and collaboration to their audience.

We graduated with the first 9Mile Labs cohort and the Goldman Sachs 10ksb program.

Our mentor team of advisors, includes (present and former) senior leaders at Microsoft, Adobe, Salesforce and several other marketing and sales leaders who are employed within the industries we support.

We have gained the interest of analysts, who see what we are doing as the best representation of buyer engagement and enablement.

We see a world where technology enables people to do things the way they would naturally but with more speed and efficiency. We want that experience to be enjoyable and we also want it to add real value in life-enhancing situations. What we have developed for businesses to use in sales enablement is also hugely valuable in the world of education where the same philosophy applies.

We are committed to fixing education through supporting programs that make a difference. Currently, we are partnering with schools and foundations as an education technology partner. Our education philanthropy efforts are managed by, (P2W) a 501c3 non-profit.

Through our technology, teachers easily administer and deliver personalized learning to their class. Students participate in a collaborative multi-school project environment simulating international trade and the global supply chain processes.

RISEcx creates customer value through better engagement.

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